The tickless ultrasonic tick repellers have already been presented here.

I carried out an endurance test for a period of several months with following models:

  • Tickless Kid,
  • Tickless Pet
  • Tickless Human.

Tickless Kid was used by a four-year-old girl on various excursions into nature. The handling was quite easy the acceptance as well. My test person was convince to wear the device as “jewelry accessory” witch was effectively attached to the wrist from beginning. After several tests there were no Ticks at all.

Tickless Pet was worn on a dog´s (Labrador lady) collar for an entire summer. I coudn´t see any negative impact of ultrasound waves on dog’s behavior. The tick repeller never bothered her. Moreover, a positive effect could be determined. There has been a significant reduction of ticks on the dog. In average there was about 1 tick per week. Many dog ​​owners know that the number is usually much higher. I recommend the Tickless for dogs, unless there is not an 100% protection, but a visible improvement.

Tickless Human: To have the tick repeller ready for use, it was attached to my hiking backpack. If necessary, it was activated on my belt for excursions into bushes or undergrowth. The positive effect was that not a single tick has bitten me. I only had to remove a single tick from my calf.


Tickless ultrasonic tick repellers are an appropriate alternative to chemical tick repellers. They have no harmful side effects and can therefore be used without hesitation for children and animals. In my long-term test, a clearly positive effect could be determined. Neverless a 100% protection cannot be guaranteed with tickles or other protective devices either, but in my opinion Tickless is a real alternative.

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